Kimberley Beach

In developing a continuous view of the past in order to achieve a new evaluation of past events in her life any single event loses its weight and the process-like character of all events and their interaction become more important. Autobiography work assumes that any human being is obliged to comply with tasks in life. These life tasks, stemming from our subconscious levels, are the driving force to our behaviour. Autobiography work helps to get closer to this central theme – the “red thread” - that runs through each life. Kimberley Beach's practice has changed over time. No one piece is the same, there are different themes running through each individual work. The one collective motif is identity, a gathering of emotions and life experiences presented visually, allowing the viewer to witness and experience for themselves; the release of energy into the exposed, ready for someone else to ingest. With this, her use of media is constantly changing; she doesn't stagnate in one format, evidence being the variety of techniques that her work exhibits; from photography, screen-prints, video and sound. Her experimentation with media allows her to develop her approach to creating. It isn’t stuck in one format; it’s ever changing, finding the best medium that conveys the emotion behind the work. She works primarily with autobiographical experiences as subject matter for work across mediums to explore the vulnerability of the female body. Informed equally by life experience and feminist narrative, she works to take political ownership of the female form, highlighting the implications and considerations of her body when re-imagined or re-contextualized in the public space. With her practice, she aims to contribute to an ever-evolving realm of discourse concerned with female authority and experience.


2018 MA Fine Art Media, The Slade School of Fine Art, University College London

2015        First Class BA(Hons) Mixed Media Fine Art, University of Westminster